Though Mountains Fall (The Daughters of Caleb Bender)


This epic trilogy concludes with the Amish community’s pacifism sorely tested by attacking bandits and the equally cruel Mexican troops sent to defend the Amish.

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In the third installment of Cramer’s Caleb Bender trilogy (Paradise Valley, 2011; The Captive Heart, 2012), hardships and hard questions abound as the pioneering Amish family endures a time of testing. Joined by other families in their pioneering settlement in Paradise Valley, Mexico, Caleb is hopeful that they will all soon begin to see the fruits of their labor, even as danger looms after a bandit attack that resulted in the kidnapping of his daughter, Rachel, and the death of a son, Aaron. Seeking revenge after their failed scheme, the outlaws are again on the hunt, threatening the peaceful Amish community. Woven into the trials and tribulations are the decisions of life, love, and loss that the Bender daughters must face, looking deeply into their own hearts. In this bittersweet rendering of familial relationships and life choices, the daughters learn both to hold on and let go. Cramer has crafted a distinctive tale based on the history of the Amish in the Americas, a strong finish to a popular and worthy series. –Elizabeth Ponder


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Inspired by Actual Events!

“I want you to promise you will always be my sister.”

There were tears in Miriam’s eyes as their foreheads touched and Rachel whispered, “No matter what. Always.”

Now in its fourth year, the Amish settlement in Mexico is thriving. But as new settlers arrive, sons and daughters marry, babies are born, and crops grow thick, a storm looms on the horizon. And Caleb Bender knows–perhaps better than anyone–that the worst of storms don’t come from the western skies.

They come on horseback.

When their very existence is threatened, the Amish turn to the Mexican government for help, only to discover that the rulers of men are fickle and security is an illusion. Tried by fire and riven by war, Caleb and Domingo come to understand that the kingdom of God is not to be found in land or buildings or gold or armies, but in the hearts of peaceful men trying to feed their families.

Watching helplessly as daughters Rachel, Miriam, and Emma are drawn inexorably toward their separate destinies, Caleb is forced to confront the most important decision of his life.

“Authentic characters and attention to detail recommend this third entry in a strong series (Paradise Valley; The Captive Heart), to readers of T. Davis Bunn and Gilbert Morris.” -Library Journal
About the Author
Dale Cramer is the author of the bestselling and critically acclaimed novel Levi’s Will, based on the story of Dale’s father, a runaway Amishman. Dale’s latest series, THE DAUGHTERS OF CALEB BENDER, is based on an Amish colony in the mountains of Mexico where three generations of his family lived in the 1920s. He currently lives in Georgia with his wife of 36 years, two sons and a Bernese Mountain Dog named Rupert. Visit him on his website at

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