The Key (The Amish Farm Trilogy)


An enchanting Amish farm

A beautiful English artist

A handsome family friend

An embittered old man

When an accident causes Kristie to be rushed to the Emergency Room, she meets an old man having a heart attack.

“Keep this for me,” the man says as he presses a key in her hand. “But tell no one. No one! Promise?”

When strange things begin happening to her, Kristie wonders how binding her promise is.

If only she knew where the key fit and what it unlocked.

Jon Clarke Griffin is attracted to Kristie, little imagining that his growing affection for her will lead him into a mystery that threatens both their lives.

This book was previously published under the title A Stranger’s Wish.


Product Description

Gayle Roper’s back yard abuts an Amishman’s field. She’s lived surrounded by Amish for more than forty years. She’s become very adept at passing buggies on solid yellow lines and buying cut flowers in big beautiful bouquets for $5.00 from the Amish girl down the road. She loves sights like two little Amish boys chasing their rooster who was running for his life or multiple buggies parked outside the home of the hosts of church this week. She’s the author of more than fifty books, many of them award winners.

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