The Document (The Amish Farm Series)


A curious writer – A helpful lawyer

An unexpected document – A dangerous opponent

When Cara Bentley discovers her grandfather was adopted, questions are raised which demand answers. Who was her grandfather? Where did he come from? Who is she? She travels to Lancaster County, PA and the Zooks’ farm to search for the truth. To her surprise and consternation, not everyone is happy to see her.

When she seeks out Todd Reasoner for legal advice, he finds himself pulled into Cara’s world, at first against his better judgment, then with growing pleasure.

As mysterious accidents begin to happen, Cara and Todd find not only trouble but also a relationship worth pursuing.

This book was previously published under the title A Secret Identity.

Gayle Roper’s back yard abuts an Amishman’s field. She’s lived surrounded by Amish for more than forty years. She’s become very adept at passing buggies on solid yellow lines and buying cut flowers in big beautiful bouquets for $5.00 from the Amish girl down the road. She loves sights like two little Amish boys chasing their rooster who was running for his life or multiple buggies parked outside the home of the hosts of church this week. She’s the author of more than fifty books, many of them award winners.


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