Fruits of the Spirit: Episode 10: An Amish Christian Romance Soap Opera


Now that the new bishop has been selected, things in the Gibbons Road Amish community should be able to settle down and return to normal. Unfortunately, that’s not likely with the new changes that have been introduced.

Katie King finds herself in an uncomfortable situation. While she doesn’t mind helping the Millers during Mary’s recovery, she’s seeing a new side to Abraham. His quiet, pensiveness is a welcome respite from his previous tendency of lurking in the house and startling her. But she cannot get used to his tendency to ask her questions about Scripture or thoughts about the people in the church. And she notices disturbing changes in Mary, too. If only she had someone that she could ask for advice…

Barbara finds herself facing the wrath of her brother and mother over the nomination fiasco. With the new bishop ordained and already creating new rules for the community, Barbara finds herself faced with the chance to finally stop being the family scapegoat. But will she be able to face herself in the morning if she seizes the opportunity?

Without Titus’s help, Lena is left to deal with the new mustang alone. Frustrated, she’s about ready to give up when something happens that gives her a moment of hope. Is it possible for a wild creature to turn the corner and place trust in her when she leasts expects it? Could this be the moment that Lena has been waiting for? Or will the mustang revert to its naturally born wild behavior again?

A despondent Zach arrives in Holmes County, Ohio. Besides the fact that he misses Katie King and hates how he left without saying goodbye properly, he finds the people in Ohio to be very forward and brash. He’s not certain how he will be able to survive more than a few weeks in the new environment.

Continue following the exciting daily chronicles of the Gibbons Road community as told by best-selling author, Sarah Price, and see why Ms. Price continues to be America’s most loved author of Amish romances.


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