Finding Rose (Amish Rose)


For fans of Amish romantic suspense by Linda Castillo and Marta Perry, FINDING ROSE celebrates the power of love and faith to save a young woman stalked by a cult leader.

In this captivating follow-up to Searching for Rose, author Dana Becker tells the tale of a young woman who finds refuge from a dark past in Pennsylvania Amish country. But as she strives to create a new life, and possibly a new love, she finds her escape from danger has only just begun…


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In a bucolic cabin in Pennsylvania Amish country, Rose lives with her older sister, April, and brother-in-law, Joseph. It’s a blessedly quiet life, far from the trauma of Rose’s past, a nightmare that began with a mob kidnapping and ended with Rose becoming brainwashed by a cult—until April tracked her down and rescued her. Now, the daily rhythms of Joseph’s Amish community have become part of Rose’s healing process, as has her growing attachment to charismatic, protective Micah. But as Rose struggles to trust again, there are new developments in the search for her kidnapper…

As far as Rose is concerned, she’s told the authorities all she knows and she wants, needs, to be left alone. But when the police reveal a shocking new lead in the case, it flips a switch within Rose. Her experiences in captivity triggered a clairvoyant ability—a gift she finds terrifying, but that the police are determined to use in their investigation. Despite her own fears and her family’s wishes, Rose joins the search for a madman. Now she will risk finding out if the ghosts of the past will shut her down forever—or give her new strength and the faith to forge a new future…

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