Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries Box Set: Books 22 – 24: Sugar and Spite: A Puzzling Amish Murder: Amish Dead & Breakfast…


Ettie Smith, an eighty-plus-year-old octogenarian sleuth, is back in this 8th omnibus edition in this best-selling Christian cozy mystery series.

This digital box set contains the twenty-second, twenty-third, and twenty-fourth Amish mysteries.

A Puzzling Amish Murder: When Ettie stumbled over a dead body, she was surprised to see it was Deena Brown. Ettie soon learned Deena had not always been Amish. It was one reason the woman never fitted in—that and the fact that no one saw her for days when she was working on her jigsaw puzzles. Can Ettie put together the pieces of Dana’s puzzling murder?

Sugar and Spite: When elderly Amish widows Ettie Smith and her sister visited Brunhilde Hoffman to see why she was having such a rocky road, they found themselves stirred into a sticky murder mystery. Brunhilde was dead!

Amish Dead & Breakfast: When Ettie and her sister were asked to help out at a bed & breakfast for a wedding, they were speechless. They quickly agreed. The ‘till death do us part’ vows didn’t take long to be tested when the groom was found dead on the library floor.


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What the reviewers say about this series:

I just love Ettie and her sister! They are so cute! The storyline keeps your interest along with many twists and turns ! You never know till the end ! Great author

The author did an outstanding job with this book …..she kept me as a reader intrigued with minor and major detail in the plot. Web of characters……….great !!

They are all page turners. I love that they are fast paced and interesting.

I’ve read all of the Ettie series, as well as other books by Samantha Price. Never disappointed.

If you enjoy unexpected twists and turns and a cast of quirky characters, you’ll love Samantha Price’s clean and wholesome whodunnit.

USA Today Bestselling Author & Kindle All-Stars Author!

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