AMISH Romance; Torn Series; The Complete Collection: Boxed Set – Books 1-4


All FOUR Amish Romance stories, The Torn Series by bestselling authors, Saraah Sowell & Nicole Wright PLUS an extra bonus book

Amish Devotion – Book 1
Aubrey Forrest’s Rumspringa is quickly approaching. She knows all too well what the ramifications can be for choosing to leave the community. Although she’s not to discuss it, the pain is still very real for her. After witnessing the excommunication of someone she loved dearly, Aubrey is not too keen on going through this rite of passage herself. Jamie Miller’s Rumspringa is approaching, and his feelings on this, is mixed. A sweet friendship develops between Aubrey and Jamie, but there are rules to be followed. As Aubrey’s heart grows to like Jamie, some rules prove to be difficult to obey. Neither of them wants to keep secrets, but some secrets are necessary in order for their love to bloom. Can Aubrey and Jamie reconcile their personal struggles and find a happy medium that will allow them to love freely?

Amish Bride – Book 2
An union is emerging… Can they stay together? Jaime and Aubrey are ready to start their lives together, but they are plagued by events that neither they, nor their small Amish community can forget about. Jaime’s father is disapproving and Aubrey’s shunned sister is prepared to wreak havoc on their pending union. Winning over Jaime’s father’s approval will not be easy, but learning to rely on each other will bring this couple together. They have a long battle ahead of them. Can Jaime and Aubrey move past the obstacles that stand in their way and stay together?

Amish Loss – Book 3
Are they going to live a normal life? Their new life together should be simple, but when chaos finds them again, what they’d worked so hard to achieve, stands in the balance. Aubrey and Jamie have endured the hardest battles yet. They made tough choices to overcome this and remnants from the past should be long gone, but when Aubrey’s sister, Emma, returns to their Amish community and a past love interest soon follows, the next phase in Aubrey’s life is threatened. The young couple will have to hold on tightly to what they’d fought so hard to obtain or risk losing everything, including their growing family. Are Aubrey and Jamie strong enough to weather the storm that has crept back into their lives?

Amish Mystery – Book 4
Will a past mistake ruin their future? Life has been filled with constant turmoil for Aubrey and Jamie Miller since the events of last Spring and their future together hangs in the balance. After an emotional goodbye to Aubrey’s sister Emma, the young couple is haunted by rumors that threaten their life and their love. Now, expecting their first child, they should be relishing in all that joy that parenthood brings, but instead their lives are marred by the vicious cycle of fact vs. fiction. The young couple will have to muster up the strength, look past the rumors and hold on to the love they share or be forever haunted by a secret that neither yet ready to explore. Will Aubrey and Jamie be able to withstand the storm that has plagued their lives or will a peaceful existence be too far out of their reach?

Bonus Book; Amish Freedom to Love – Book 1
Will she find love the way she wanted? Emma, a young woman of marrying age, lives amongst family and friends she’s known her whole life. She’s an only child, born of stoic parents, who love and adore, but expect her to marry. Alan is somewhat reserved, but with a silent, inner strength that draws Emma’s attention. His mysterious ways may be hiding more than a quiet attitude, as the young man seeks to prove himself. Still, there is another who has eyes for Emma, the preacher’s son, Brett. Who will she choose? Will Emma’s new found love draw her away from everything she holds dear?


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Saraah Sowell loves the Amish community. She likes the way they run their lives, from healing to farming to seeing how they are so independent from the outside world. She has a desire to spread the love she gets from this unique community through her stories.

Many of her stories are based on her encounters with them, although, of course, all the names, events, and places that may resemble or are similar to living people are only coincidental and are fiction. She is married with three kids.

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