Amish Misfits: 4 Books-in-1: The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged, The Amish Spinster, The Amish Bishop’s Daughter, The…


Journey to Amish country and find sweet romance, miracles, and true love in the first four books of the Amish Misfits series from USA Today bestseller and Kindle Unlimited All-Star author Samantha Price.

The Amish Girl Who Never Belonged: After Emma’s parents died, her disagreeable grandmother often sent her to stay with the Eshes, a nearby Amish family. When her grandmother died, Emma was sent to live with distant relatives. While Emma was comfortable at their home, she never felt she truly belonged. On her twentieth birthday, things took a turn for the worse when her uncle announced he was finding her a suitable husband.

The Amish Spinster: Standing at six feet tall, Lydia was the tallest woman in her community, even towering over most of the men. She knew that was the reason she was twenty-five and unmarried, destined for a lonely life of watching her more correctly proportioned younger sisters falling in love and starting families. When her parents suggested she stay at Aunt Stella’s and look further afield for love, Lydia quickly agreed.

The Amish Bishop’s Daughter: When you’re the bishop’s daughter, there are certain standards that have to be met. Anna Weaver felt the weight of that burden. Believing people were always waiting for her to put a foot wrong, she retreated into her shell and had few friends. There was only one man she did not feel awkward around, and according to all accounts, he was the wrong kind of man.

The Amish Single Mother: Jane Byler felt the odd one out in her Amish community. She’d been a victim of a crime when she had been on Rumspringa, and that made her return to the safety of the Amish community. Months later, she found out she was having a baby and as a result was disowned by her parents.

Heart-warming stories about second chances, faith, and finding the courage to start over.


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USA Today Bestselling Author and multiple Amazon All Stars Author, Samantha Price, is the author of over 160 books in a dozen series including Ettie Smith Amish Mysteries,The Amish Bonnet Sisters, and Amish Love Blooms. Her love of all things that sparkle plays out in her latest Romantic Suspense series, Gretel Koch Jewel Thief.

When not writing, she fusses over her orchids, and has fun with her seven grandchildren, her dog, and two rescue cats.

Samantha loves to hear from her readers. Connect at:
Twitter @AmishRomance

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