Amish Crossroads BOXED SET

This boxed set contains books 1 to 4 of the Amish romance series “Amish Crossroads”, so you get a 30% discount by purchase this package instead of books by books. Bethany Fisher, a young widow that has been alone for way too long, but has now decided to strike out on her own as a volunteer aid worker. She has heard about the good work that her district has been doing and has decided that she wants to make a difference. There are too many memories in the house that she lives in now with her daughter Rebecca. Her mother lives with her, elderly and not in the best of health, so she struggles with the idea of family and of compassion to her fellow man.


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Jacob Miller is a young man, strong and confident in everything he dies, except that he knows that his father doesn’t look at him as the son that he used to be what he was younger. He fights the urge to stay with the family farm, but also feels this pull towards doing something greater than himself. He sees aid work as his idea of making his mark in the world, yet he finds love in Bethany at the same time. Unfortunately, Bethany still struggles with her husband’s death and doesn’t know how quite to get past that. They both live in Wisconsin, but they have this need for adventure that compels them to leave what they have always loved for something entirely different… Here some reviews about the series: “Enjoy this sweet story and be taken back to a time when innocent romance was popular for what it left to the imagination. Thank you to Rachel Lester. ” 5 stars (Sue Loomis) “Interesting story and I am looking forward to reading the next in the series.” 5 stars (Linda Knott) “The three books in this series was very good and if you have any more on this series I would live keep to know because it left me hanging and I want to know how it ends” 5 stars (Judith Canalia)

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