All about the Amish: Answers to Common Questions


Everything you want to know about the Amish but are afraid to ask.
Do the Amish pay taxes? Are they Christians? Why do they use horses and buggies but agree to ride in other people’s cars? And how can they even survive in the contemporary world?

In All about the Amish, Amish expert Karen Johnson-Weiner answers top questions people have about the Old Order Amish. After more than thirty years of being friends with the Amish and studying their faith and culture, Johnson-Weiner offers authoritative answers to the most common questions about their unique lifestyle.

Got questions about Amish beliefs? Families? Churches? Schools? What they think about the rest of us? Find answers here.


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“Karen Johnson-Weiner is far more than a student of the Amish. She is a tireless friend and advocate. For anyone seeking a starting point to explain this Plain people, a quick reference guide, or a comprehensive refresher, this is the resource!”
–JAMES A. CATES, clinical psychologist and author of Serving the Amish: A Cultural Guide for Professionals

“Professor Johnson-Weiner, a distinguished scholar in the field of Amish studies, has drawn on a wealth of knowledge to produce a book that provides readers with up-to-date and reliable information on one of America’s most familiar yet often misunderstood groups. Written in a concise and refreshingly accessible way, this book will appeal to anyone who has ever been curious about who the Amish are and how they live out their faith in community.”
–MARK L. LOUDEN, Alfred L. Shoemaker, J. William Frey, and Don Yoder Professor of Germanic Linguistics and director of the Max Kade Institute for German-American Studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

“Authoritative and accessible, this book answers your questions thoughtfully and thoroughly.”
–Steven M. Nolt, author of A History of the Amish

“Johnson-Weiner is a superb guide to the perplexing questions of Amish life. A wealth of information and wisdom.”
–Donald B. Kraybill, author of The Riddle of Amish Culture

“Karen Johnson-Weiner ably and comprehensively presents answers to pervasive questions about Amish life. This book is an accessible introduction to Amish culture.”
–Joshua R. Brown, professor of German and linguistics at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire and co-editor of Pennsylvania Germans: An Interpretive Encyclopedia
About the Author
Karen Johnson-Weiner is coauthor of The Amish (with Donald B. Kraybill and Steven M. Nolt) and author of Train up a Child and New York Amish. With degrees from Hope College, Michigan State, and McGill University, she is professor emerita of anthropology at SUNY Potsdam. Johnson-Weiner has studied and related to the Amish for more than thirty years.

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